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Latest Information on VAMFT

We have continued to work to get a new web page up and operational. Members who voted “Yes” on the by-laws amendments have received a rather long email outlining the membership possibilities that are now in effect. If you did not vote or have changed email or other contact information since the vote and would like the updated information pending the new web site, please contact me ( and I will be happy to email you the information. It is, as noted, a long letter but does show how you can support the Virginia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy under its new structure. We think this is an improvement (lower cost, more local focus), but need the mft’s and those supporting systemic therapies to join so that we have the funds and the numbers to continue to operate in the Commonwealth. Thak you for your continued patience and support. I’d love to hear from you.

Arnold Woodruff, LMFT

Executive Director, VAMFT

Thanks for Your Patience

We are continuing to work to upgrade our web site, including payment options, but the task has proven more difficult for the operator than he had hoped. We had a target of the end of February for having the new site up and running, but that ain’t going to happen if you look at your calendar! The effort will continue and we will get it done and (hopefully) very soon.

In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a member of VAMFT, there are options. You can call or email the Executive Director and work to become a member. We are offering a new membership category for those who can afford it and wish to help us in this on-going transition. We have established a “Founding Member” category. This requires a donation of at least $100 and includes your 2019 dues ($50) plus permanent recognition in VAMFT publications and events as one of the folks who made our continued existence as an independent entity possible.

There is also now the option of a dual membership in both VAMFT and the Maryland-based Metro Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. They are encouraging membership in the DC area across the state and DC lines. The membership in Metro is $150, but you can join both VAMFT and Metro for the same price. Indicate that you wish to be a part of both groups and pay either one. Metro will send VAMFT our share and vice versa.

If by chance you wish to join both Metro and VAMFT and also want to be a Founding Member of VAMFT, the total cost would be $200 minimum. You are encouraged to give more for VAMFT’s startup costs, but $200 will make you a Founding Member of VAMFT and also a member of Metro.

Questions to: or (804) 370-6154

Update on VAMFT

I know our followers haven’t heard anything for quite some time, but there is progress being made. We have had to redo our relationship with PayPal so we haven’t been able to get a membership recruitment campaign started. We have completed (we hope) all the steps necessary to reestablishing a payment method on-line and will get that information on our page very soon. Meanwhile, please know that the. AMFT Board of Directors continues to work to be sure our NEW VAMFT will be a valuable tool for supporting marriage and family therapy in Virginia. Stay tuned and look for more information in the near future. Thanks for you patience during this transition.

VAMFT is Now Independent

Pursuant to the recent vote on revised by-laws and subject to final sign-off from AAMFT, VAMFT is no longer a division of AAMFT. This outcome is the result of the change in AAMFT by-laws that required some change in the various divisions, removing the historic dual membership requirement, I.e., members were required to join both the national association AND their respective division. When this requirement was dissolved, it become necessary for the divisions to select from several optional organizational options, including ending the division entirely. The VAMFT Board of Directors unanimously decided to propose to the membership that VAMFT continue as a wholly independent not-for-profit rather than any of the other options,  The option of becoming independent was overwhelming selected by VAMFT’s membership (107 – 8). The current VAMFT Board of Directors will continue as the Board of the “new” VAMFT, but many things, e.g., the logo, will be changing. A new dues structure will be created and current VAMFT members will be invited to join (or, technically) re-join VAMFT.

Please be patient as we move into this new territory. Call me or email me with questions, suggestions or concerns.  It is not clear that the Executive Director position will continue as we move forward, but we will try to keep you informed.  In the mean time, we urge you to remain members of AAMFT; join the FamilyTEAM to promote and support mft advocacy issues at both state and local levels; and, more than anything, stay try to the systemic principles that provide us, as mft’s, a powerful set of interventions to help the families, couples and individuals that we serve.

Arnold Woodruff, Executive Director, VAMFT; (804) 370-6154



Here’s the latest from Charlottesville regarding providing pro bono counseling services. If you are interested, please respond. The coordinator is John Rogers. His email is:  
“Hi All, a quick update for you:
“It was a quiet day at the library, with only a couple of consultations and about 20 walk-up interactions at the front desk.  We did a local TV spot to spread the work, and we are also in touch with city and county DSS folks so they know we are here.  The emotions on display at the city council meeting last night are evidence of what is still just below the surface.
“Many thanks to Dr. Nancy Miller, who returns home to PA with her therapy dog tomorrow.  Nancy was tireless doing assertive outreach all over downtown, including spending most of today with our police department.
“We are open all day tomorrow, and have two clinician openings noon-5, and help at the front desk is needed 9-6.  If we are quiet at the library, you can do outreach on the mall, at the park, and at the free speech wall.  Just let me know if you are free, or drop by the library.
“Our plan is to discontinue this service after Saturday and hand it off to CAVA and the other organizations offering drop-in services. Let’s hope we don’t need it again anytime soon.”

Fee Increase Announced

Special Notice:  The Board of Counseling recently announced fee increases for Marriage and Family Therapists as well as all of the other licenses that they regulate, effective February 8, 2017.  Please click here for details.  They did not yet appear in the regulations document on the BOC website as of the publication of this notice.


Arnold Woodruff, LMFT


Executive Director, VAMFT

  • Clinical Fellow of AAMFT since 1981
  • Approved Supervisor in AAMFT since 1984
  • Over 45 years of experience in public and not-for-profit behavioral health and child welfare settings, including;
    • Director, Mental Health Division, Prince William County (VA) CSB
    • Director, Juvenile Mental Health Services, Alexandria (VA) CSB
    • Regional Program Director, Region IV Consortium of CSB’s
    • Clinical Director and Co-owner, Help Your Way, Richmond, VA
  • Several terms on Board of Dirctors of Virginia and Illinois AMFT’s, including two terms as President in Virginia.
  • Legislative Liaison, Virgina AMFT
  • Site visitor, COAMFTE
  • Member (2nd term currently) AAMFT Minority Fellowship Program
  • Frequent presenter at AAMFT National Conference

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