Thanks for Your Patience

We are continuing to work to upgrade our web site, including payment options, but the task has proven more difficult for the operator than he had hoped. We had a target of the end of February for having the new site up and running, but that ain’t going to happen if you look at your calendar! The effort will continue and we will get it done and (hopefully) very soon.

In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a member of VAMFT, there are options. You can call or email the Executive Director and work to become a member. We are offering a new membership category for those who can afford it and wish to help us in this on-going transition. We have established a “Founding Member” category. This requires a donation of at least $100 and includes your 2019 dues ($50) plus permanent recognition in VAMFT publications and events as one of the folks who made our continued existence as an independent entity possible.

There is also now the option of a dual membership in both VAMFT and the Maryland-based Metro Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. They are encouraging membership in the DC area across the state and DC lines. The membership in Metro is $150, but you can join both VAMFT and Metro for the same price. Indicate that you wish to be a part of both groups and pay either one. Metro will send VAMFT our share and vice versa.

If by chance you wish to join both Metro and VAMFT and also want to be a Founding Member of VAMFT, the total cost would be $200 minimum. You are encouraged to give more for VAMFT’s startup costs, but $200 will make you a Founding Member of VAMFT and also a member of Metro.

Questions to: or (804) 370-6154

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