What score do I need to get on the licensing exam in order to pass?

The following has been excerpted from the 2017 AMFTRB Marital and Family Therapy National Examination Handbook for Candidates, page 6:


A passing score is established by a panel of expert judges on an “anchor examination.” The technique used is called a modified Angoff method. Each panel member estimates for each item on the test what percentage of minimally competent therapists would get the item correct. Their responses are examined and analyzed by psychometric experts and minor adjustments can be made by the Examination Advisory Committee. The anchor examination becomes the standard of knowledge to which all future forms of an examination are compared. Some forms of the examination will contain individual items that may differ in difficulty than items on other forms. To compensate for these variations, test forms are compared using a psychometric process called equating. This equating process accounts for the varying item difficulties and adjusts the passing score up or down accordingly. As a result, the required standard of knowledge for passing the examination remains consistent from test form to test form.”