What license must a supervisor hold?

At least 100 of the 200 required supervisory hours must be provided by an LMFT.  The remaining supervisory hours may be provided by an LPC with the qualifications referenced below.

The recently revised Regulations Governing the Practice of Marriage and Family Therapy (8-24-2016) state that the MFT residency supervisor must:

“1. Hold an active, unrestricted license as a marriage and family therapist or professional counselor in the jurisdiction where the supervision is being provided;

2. Document two years post-licensure marriage and family therapy experience; and

3. Have received professional training in supervision, consisting of three credit hours or 4.0 quarter hours in graduate-level coursework in supervision or at least 20 hours of continuing education in supervision offered by a provider approved under 18VAC115-50-96. At least one-half of the 200 hours of supervision shall be rendered by a licensed marriage and family therapist. Supervisors who are clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, or psychiatrists and have been approved to provide supervision may continue to do so until August 24, 2017.”

Residents in MFT whose supervisory contracts with a clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, or psychiatrist were approved prior to August 24, 2016 and do not compete their residency or supervisory hours prior to August 2017 will be required to have a new supervisory contract approved by the BOC with a BOC approved LMFT/LPC supervisor in order to complete their residency requirements.

VAMFT strongly recommends that as much as possible your MFT residency supervisor be a Clinical Fellow of AAMFT and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor.  AAMFT Approved Supervisors must meet much more stringent requirements that those required by the BOC (a 30 hour course in MFT supervision, 180 supervised hours of MFT residents, and a minimum of 36 hours of supervision of their supervision of MFT candidates).

You can find a partial listing of AAMFT Approved Supervisors in Virginia who are available to provide supervision, AAMFT Clinical Fellows who are candidates to be AAMFT Approved Supervisors, and AAMFT Clinical Fellows who are approved as MFT supervisors by the BOC linked here in the near future.