Must the graduate study courses come specifically from an MFT program?

For all practical purposes, the answer appears to be yes, as the following excerpt from the Regulations indicates:

“18VAC115-50-50. Degree program requirements.

  1. The applicant shall have completed a graduate degree from a program that prepares individuals to practice marriage and family therapy as defined in §54.1-3500 of the Code of Virginia from a college or university which is accredited by a regional accrediting agency and which meets the following criteria:
  2. There must be a sequence of academic study with the expressed intent to prepare students to practice marriage and family therapy as documented by the institution;
  3. There must be an identifiable marriage and family therapy training faculty and an identifiable body of students who complete that sequence of academic study; and
  4. The academic unit must have clear authority and primary responsibility for the core and specialty areas.
  5. Programs that are approved by CACREP as programs in marriage and family counseling/therapy or by COAMFTE are recognized as meeting the requirements of subsection A of this section.”

Any exceptions to this must be approved by the BOC in order to proceed toward being an LMFT.